Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Release of ShastaBoyz.com!!!!!

So the posts may slow down on the blog and move over to my new website Shasta Boyz.com

It is still in the early stages but will develop into a epic site fo sho. Please leave comments and let me know what all yall huckers are thinking out there. Hope everyone is enjoying the fall/ winter and look forward to seeing everyone on the water.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shasta Boyz w/ Pep Love and Nima Fadavi

Sooo we have been getting hit with some insane swell here in Santa Cruz and life is in the fast lane. During our most recent project Wet Dreams, I have been able to work with many accomplished artists such as Pep Love, Nima Fadavi, Wisdom, Sizzla, Lutan Fyah, Thievery Corp, Soldiers of Jah Army, and many more.

This is the Outlet Falls segment from Wet Dreams featuring Nima Fadavi and Pep Love in the track "Change Is". Enjoy this little sneak peak and make sure to get a copy of your own to see the whole film.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Astral: Limited Edition Green Vest

For the past few years I have been stoked to be wearing Astrals gear and this is yet another reason to get fired up for this roots company. There will be 100 limited edition jackets of each design made throughout the winter, so thats right....... there will be tons of styles for everyone to customize their hucking.

This is the first design they will run and will be shipping in December, so make sure to get out their and pick up your own custom green vest that are made right here in the United States. Click here to reserve yours.......

I am super fired up for these vests and put in a suggestion to make a Cali edition, Limited vest based on the California Republic flag. Hopefully the suggestion goes through and keep your eyes out for these new vests.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

LVM #32: Wet Dreams Sneak Peak

To whom it may concern:
Make sure to check out this teaser for the upcoming Lunch Video Magazine #32, it will featuring a short teaser for Shasta Boyz most recent production, Wet Dreams. The swell is killing it here in Santa Cruz and getting fired up for some winter boating. Check the trailer from LVM and make sure to get your own copy to start your own wet dreams....


LVM Teaser Pleaser #1 from Lunch Video Magazine on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The New GoPro HD

So this footie was hot off the press from the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, UT. It was the official release and showing of the new GoPro HD helmet camera. I haven't been able to release this footage because GoPro wanted to release footage in a orderly manor.

This thang is going to take over......period. I have not ever seen a waterproof camera with such clarity and high frame rate. It has four options for your frame rates and shoots in 1080p. This allows your slow motion to be baby butt smooth with no dragging or distortion.

I got the pleasure of testing the proto's of this camera and have been quite impressed. Here is some footage from the Upper Klamath that they showed at the GoPro booth. Enjoy and get fired up for crystal clear HD hucking.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Five Ten. Aboard.

So the water is getting scarce here in Cali but I am getting excited for the winter expeditions. This is just a quick update to announce that Five Ten picked me up for the season. Its an honor to get to paddle for this company because I honestly believe they make the best and most aggressive kayaking shoes on the market. Big shout out to everyone at Five Ten and thanks for continuing to support the kayak industry.

Here is a photo of the world renowned Canyoneer:

Currently I am working on a promo video for the UCSC kayak club and really fired up to work with some new boaters this season. We have a big trip planned for January and it is looking very promising. All the info on it is yet to be released but the word is that it's on an island......


Monday, October 5, 2009

N. Feather Festival and Tobin Race

So things have been pretty busy with school and the ever growing UCSC kayak club down here in Santa Cruz. Recently we got to escape for a weekend to attend the 2009 Tobin Race. The event was a lot of fun and it was great to see all the boyz. It had a great turn out and a solid set of competition. Special thanks to American White Water for putting it on.

Just coming off my mtn bike injury from this summer I was lucky to take 10th place in short boat but it felt good just to paddle. My good friend Justin Patt took 1st place in Short Boat, Rush Sturges snatched 1st in Long Boat, and Katie Scott cleaning up the Women's Long Boat. The first day at fish flows I pinned super bad and had my first swim in 4 years but it was good to get another bootie out the way. Enjoy the footie and make sure to get out there next year.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Wet Dreams World Premier

I was going have this up right after the showing of the film but I had to move back to school down here in Santa Cruz, so sorry for the delay. All Photos by: Shaggy McLaughlin.

The showing was a huge success and everyone had a great time mingling and getting to hang with our dear friend Matt who made the barge down from Oregon to see the movie. The show was a benefit for him and we raised $1100 towards his recovery costs from admission cost, a silent auction, and a kick ass raffle.

Huge thanks to all the sponsors for sending gear (Gopro, HCC, Astral, Hippy Tree, Sanuk, Clear H2o Films, Level Six, Neosport, Snapdragon, and Shasta Base Camp) and a big thanks to all that came out.

The premier was held in the City Park where the headwaters of the Sacramento are located. Being my hometown, this was a amazing event to start with and only got me more fired up for the tour starting in early 2010. Look for Wet Dreams touring the West Coast and Arizona with Huckin Huge's new film "Haymaker".

Now I'm back at school and getting fired up for the winter expedition coming up. Details are being kept some what under wraps but I will give you a hint.................................... it's on a island.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shasta Boyz in the Mt. Shasta Herald

Hey yall, BIG premier of our new film tomorrow night and everyone is getting fired up. Our Wet Dreams have created all kinds of buzz around town and this was an article featured in our local paper click here

If your around the greater Mt. Shasta area make sure to come through and see the show. It will be shown at the City Park around 7:00pm Friday August 21st and will be a benefit for our dear friend Matt Thomas. See everyone on the water soon enough and make sure to get after your own Wet Dreams.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wet Dreams A Shasta Boyz Production

So here she blows. This is a project that I have been editing all summer and features white water in California and Washington. The project features some of the top athletes on the West Coast and footage from Shasta Boyz Productions, as well as Clear H20 Films. The show will be a benefit for our dear friend Matt Thomas to help him through his road of recovery. (The flyer got distorted but the idea is there)

The world premier will be right here in Mt. Shasta on Friday Aug. 21st at City Park Gazebo, with a benefit raffle before hand. This film will go on tour in early 2010 as an opener for Huckin Huge's new video "Haymaker". Make sure to come out and support both shows and look for them on DVD. Here is the flyer and a trailer to get you fired up.

Get Some

Friday, July 24, 2009

Matador: A world of Sponsors

During this madness of getting footage to Huckin Huge for Cody's film "Haymaker" and finishing Wet Dreams, David Miller at Matador caught up with me and asked me some questions about sponsorship within the kayaking industry.

This was a piece that got published wednesday and could be controversial for some but helpful for others. Just exploiting more fun in the sun.



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shastarama 2009

So during the editing madness of getting "Wet Dreams" released by its premier date, which is Aug. 21st. 2009 for those that don't know, Shasta Base Camp hosted the 1st annual Shastarama XC and Downhill races.

If there is one sport I can compare to kayaking it is downhill mtn biking. Same fall line without water and you boof everything. It has become a serious cross trainer for me and another sport to invest time, money, and of course skin.

Here are a couple shots of your truly holdin it down for the Shasta Boyz and a vid in full HD I made of the event......enjoy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thinking of a Helmet Cam?

Sup crew, busy life up here in Shasta getting ready for my brothers wedding. I have been in close contact with David Miller at Matador, and he asked me to put together a helmet cam review piece for their site.

The piece can be found here http://matadorgoods.com/helmet-cam-guide-3-top-designs/.

It's a review of the GoPro Wide, VIO POV 1/1.5, and the brand new Contour HD by Vholdr. If any of you adventurist are in the market for a helmet cam be sure to check out this piece for some good prospective.


Monday, June 8, 2009


In this past crazy week of finals and moving back to Shasta for summer, I spoke with David Miller at Matador, an online blogging community. These guys are great and have a great outlook to where they want to take their company.

Check out the full interview at http://matadorsports.com/athlete-profile-shon-bollock

Hope everyone else has gotten more water than me these past few weeks, but the water will come my way soon.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Here is a shot of the urban mischief we got into last weekend. Yours truly in mid-flight and Chiseki McConnaughy at top. This photo was taken by Trevor Clark a traveling photographer. He hid in some bushes a few hundred feet up on the hillside above the dam to get this shot. Make sure to check out his exploits at www.trevorclarkphoto.com

Look for the full footage in Huckin Huge's next film releasing in 2010.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

South Branch Middle Fork Feather and DAM-age

Last weekend (5/14-17) myself and Chiseki Mconnaughy made the barge north the get the last water on the S. Branch of the Feather. We left Santa Cruz Thursday night planning to meet the rest of the Shasta Boyz and crew the following morning. After the a brutal drive up the back side through Milsap Bar, Chiseki's Lexus was pushed to the max.

In the morning we arose early and waited for the crew to arrive. When everyone showed up the group consisted of us two Devin Knight, Ryan Knight, Chris Korbulic, and Darin Mcquoid. When people refer to this run one of the best day trips in California, this is no joke. The run has everything from fun rapids, waterfalls, slides, and the opportunity to go as big as you want. There is an option to do a two day trip and hike around Seven Falls (three waterfalls from 100-200ft). We opted to do the one day mish and hike the 1000 vertical feet out the canyon above the falls.

The run starts out mellow with some fun boogie before it starts to gorge up. It begins with some fun rapids and smaller ledges before getting into the waterfalls section. Once the waterfalls start they don't stop till the end. An array of 10-20ft drops, a 45 footer named "99 problems", and a 50 footer to finish out the run. One of the most spectacular canyons that I have ever seen in my life. Here is yours truly on givin' it on 99 problems followed by the big hitter Ryan Knight. Photos by: Chris Korbulic

Below 99 problems there is a fun 20ish foot slide and then straight into a 130+ footer that you portage on the right. The seal launch at the base of the 130 footer is amazing because you get to reconnect in the base of the falls. Here is a shot of some Shasta Boyz at the base of the falls courtesy of Ryan Knight.

There is another fun little slide right after this and then straight into the 50 footer. This is an amazing curtain drop that reconnects at the bottom. This waterfall is somewhat notorious for breaking paddles so make sure to tuck er' up at the bottom. Pep the sequence provided by Ryan Knight.

From the base of the falls its a straight shot to take out at the top of Seven Falls. We only spent a little time here to appreciate the scenery before the barge out of the canyon. The hike out is pretty steep but a good straight shot up to the road. It takes most boaters between 30-40min to get out, but it took myself and Chiseki a bit longer due malnourishment and dehydration. Here is a beautiful shot looking back up the canyon from take out. Courtesy of Ryan Knight.

We had a great crew and it was amazing to finally get in there and experience it for myself after hearing so many stories. We left no drops untouched, except the 100+ footers, not quite good to go. From there we left and headed for a weekend on the American with the UCSC kayak club. While in the area we got into some mischief looking at some DAM action and decided to give her a go. We will leave the "exact" location unsaid but it was an epic 70ft non-vertical slide to 8ish ft. kicker to green water due to the low water. We both took really big hits at the bottom, knocking the wind out of us and exploding both our skirts. Besides a swollen finger and very sore backs we had a lot of fun.

Here is a video of the trip and there will be photos of the Dam coming soon, as well as a video featuring the UCSC kayak club trip. Hope everyone is finding themselves on a river somewhere, and remember to keep firin'.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nordheimer Race 09' and Middle McCloud Falls

The first weekend in May (5/1-3) was the notorious Nordheimer Race on the Cal Salmon. Myself and Chiseki McConnaughy rallied the drive from Santa Cruz on thurs night planning to meet our fellow hucker Justin Patt in Mt. Shasta.

We awoke early and decided to get out to the Salmon for a practice lap. When we got out there you could tell it wanted to rain but that is the wonderful thing about kayaking..............were all wet anyway. More people showed up that night for a epic evening of kegs, growlers, and a bunch of inebriated boaters, so yall know what that means.

Race day was taken very slowly preparing for the race start at 1:23pm "exactly". There was great support from the boating community and also from spectators, despite torrential down pour. The race took me just over 45min to go the few miles. One of the longer races this year but a classic none the less.

After the race we meandered back to the site debating whether to stay for the rager or rally to Shasta for a easier trip home. After Justin and Chiseki....... well more Justin were hammered we loaded up the Subi in the rain and prepared for the journey home. We battled snow, LOTS of rain, and suicide rocks that had fallen due to the rainy conditions. It was an exciting drive to say the least, one that JPatt completely missed after passing out a minute into the ride.

We woke up in Shasta the next morning planning to hit the road early when amazing news came. It had puked rain all weekend in the magnificent Mt. Shasta area and swollen all the rivers. Including a waterfall waiting to get checked off the list for me, Middle McCloud Falls. All Photos provided by: Ryan Knight all rights reserved.

I had looked at this falls since I was a kid and wondered if I would ever see it with enough water to give er'. My prayers were answered. Time to huck.......50 footer with 2800 cfs.......heaven. Our crew was Devin Knight, Ryan Knight, Myself (Shon Bollock), Matt Thomas, and Justin Patt, with much appreciated safety set by Chiseki.

Dev gave er first with sick boof, although losing his paddle and swimming he was quick to grab his boat and go for another round.

Although round too was similar, Dev still lovin the Shastown livin'.

Little bother went next, and Ryan Knight had a similar big boof and his skirt exploded off his cockpit at the bottom, but he still managed to paddle his full of water boat to the side.

I didn't get to see JPatt's first line but I heard he stayed in his boat and went a little deep at the bottom. Here is a shot of JPatt's second line. Get some.

I ran it next. Had a sweet line, taking full paddle strokes at the lip and then stompin' er' down into a sweet 45. I love the 530.
Check the sequence...

Fired up after our lines, Matt Thomas gave her a go, launching a monster boof.

Everyone had great lines and we were stoked to see it with this much flow. From there the rest of the Shasta Boyz went to go run Slate and Box, while Chiseki and I made the barge for Santa Cruz. After a weekend of driving over 1000 miles and 19+ hrs. it was nice to settle back into SC livin', while still realizing how much doing all your homework on Mondays sucks but there is nothing else in the world I would have rather been doing.

Here is a little vid of the weekend and a little something to wet your appetite at the end.

Much more to come, focus on the brine.


Monday, April 27, 2009

E. Fork Round 2 and Brush Creek 09 Vid

After a weekend of struggles getting this thing online it is finally up. Enjoy the edit and hope to see you all out at the Cal Salmon race this coming weekend. Be sure to check both parts of the vid, 1st part is E. Kaweah and 2nd features Kernfest 09'.


Friday, April 24, 2009

E. Kaweah Round 2 and Brush Creek Race 09'

This past weekend (4/16-4/19) myself and Justin Patt decided to rally the night mish to the Kaweah from Santa Cruz. We got there late and camped at the Hideaway, anticipating meeting Taylor Robertson, Jason Holman, and Eric Disque in the morning.

When we arose in the morning and found nobody at the camp site but the two of us and a bunch of RV'ers. We were puzzled and went to pay our nights stay and head to Chucks Drop. After talkin' to Dave the camp host we found out that some of my Huckin Huge and Columbia River Gorge boys were in town so we set out to fire up the E. Fork. We blazed trails to meet them at putin and caught up to them just in time.

We put on with me, Jpatt, Cody Howard, Erik Boomer, Dan, and Scott. A rapid or two in Jpatt broke his (his fathers) second Nomad in two weeks. He hiked out and got the car to be road support with Ryan Scott. We boogied through the upper stuff and through the upper Skyhook gorge and Double Drop. Photos by: Erik Boomer

Then on to good ol' Triple Drop. We had it the lowest flow I have every seen in there. Just about 600 on the Three Rivers gauge and this is probably the lowest I would want to see it at. Everything is still good but the run out gets a little manky. Here are some shots of Triple from the side. Photos by: Erik Boomer

And these photo's were taken from a couple thousand feet on the road by Mr. Justin Patt. Such an amazing canyon.

After Triple we were on a rally mission to get out. Crusied on through the boogie and the second portage lookin to try and get off the water for a run on Hospital Rock. We got down to Driftwood falls or Fugly Falls and both Dan and Scott got fired up and gave er'. Both lines weren't great but they were ok at the bottom, so they were good enough. This drop looks much better with more water but props to the boys for gettin' fired up.

The group finished out the bottom portion fine with much anticipation for burgers and beer at the Gateway. After a good meal Jpatt and myself looked onward to rally to Kernfest 09' while the rest of the boys were lookin to get into the 2nd decent of the UM Kaweah, for more info on that check www.huckinhuge.com and www.georgehits.com

After the 3 hr drive from the Kaweah we arrived at the Brush Creek take out to sleep and wait for our good friend Keith "Cheski" McConnaughay from World Class to come down from Santa Cruz to paddle with us for the weekend. We met up with Cheski in the early afternoon and decided just to run laps on Brush to get ready for the race. After 3 laps we called it good and chilled for the rest of the afternoon.

The most chilling news was about to hit without warning. This same day a group of paddlers went and did Dy Meadow Creek. After the confluence of the Kern, Joe Burnham swam above Carson Falls. The group got a rope to him but he couldn't hold on after the long day of paddling. He drifted into the rapid and disappeared. Macy Burnham was quick to get through the falls and do all he could in search of his father. Macy is a very accomplished paddler and good friend, I give my deepest respects and condolences to him and his family.

This brought a realization to the weekend for everyone that was in the Kernville area. We choose to live our lives to the fullest everyday, as Macy's father did at age 63, simply to be sure that we are living for something greater than ourselves and that is why our sport is special.

The next morning everyone was still shaken by the previous days tragedy but got in some practice laps before the race down Brush Creek. JP and Cheski opted to be shore support during the race cheering racers on and drinking tall cans (rednecks). The race went well with Eric Giddins winning the Men's Downriver Race, Tanya Faux winning the Women's Downriver Race, and some junior winning the junior class. I placed 7th with a time of 3:25.03.

A quality shot provided by JPatt showin Shasta Boyz reppin' the dirty 530 after the race.

The evening concluded with bootie drinking, burgers, chile fries, beers, and guaranteed disaster with such a high concentration of boaters in one area. First and only necessary example. I locked my keys in the Subi and we got to meet the local tow trucker (and his wife of corse riding shotgun) after Keith (not cheski) was nice enough to lace us up with his AAA card.

Some good tree lickin' before Bic made smores in the Subi, ghetto fab.

On Sunday we arose with the sun and got a couple Brush laps in before the hot ride home. We were all stoked to have made the journey and felt fortunate to enjoy some of the endless bounty that our state provides. After a 5 hr. drive home we arrived in Santa Cruz to finish off the weekend with some relaxation, but the knowledge that Cheski and I both procrastinated our homework till Monday set in. Monday, we could of chose a better day.

Hopefully all the boaters out there had fantastic weekends and I will have a video post of the trip up by the end of this weekend fo sho. Thanks for the support and I will have more to say soon. Later kiddies'.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hotel Charley IV: At Your Own Risk

Yo crew. The time is almost here. Stookesberry's new film will be touring soon in a town near you. Be sure to get out there and get a copy of your own, it is a very sick compilation of adventures. Shasta Boyz Productions helped out with some of the underground details and is stoked to see it release. Check out this teaser with sick beats from our fellow hucker Rush Sturges. This vid is bound to blow your mind and make sure to get out and support the cause.

Hotel Charley IV - At Your Own Risk ( The Trailer ) from Jason Rackley on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kaweah time w/ World Class Kayak Academy

Yo homies. This past weekend (3/26-3/29) myself and Justin Patt rallied south to meet our former kayak academy World Class. It was great to see the school again and realize how lucky we were to have been able to attend. We were intent on gettin er' done this weekend so we set our sights high on the goods.

First up in the morning on Friday was nothing. Sleep, check flows on E. Kaweah, and waiting for the chitlins to finish classes. Around 3pm Friday we charged up into Sequoia National Forest with our eyes set on Chucks Slide to kick the weekend off. After the 20 min hike or so up to the slide, JP and Jesse Shimrock gave me the thumbs up, so we all got our scout on before firin' er off.

Jesse went first with a pretty clean line catching some air and grazing the right wall at the bottom. JP stepped up next. It was his second time on the beast so he had a good feel for er'. He cleaned it like a virgin on prom night. Last up, I hopped in my white water craft and paddled at the lip. The thing was super fast, and the big roaster tail in the middle sent me for almost a clean 180. Finished out the bottom backwards but upright, which is all I cared about. Caught the wall a bit at the bottom but a quick roll and no problems. Check out the sequence by Jason Cohen.

From there we finished out Chucks section and Hospital Rock on the Middle Kaweah with the World Classers. The flow was good, a little low but still lots of fun. I got a bit tooled on Little Niagra because I forgot it was there and JP broke his boat towards the bottom of the run. Other than that we had a great run with our small battalion of paddlers.

Saturday morning the group decided to rally out to the Tule drainage in search of some new fun. Never having seen this place, I was inclined to check it out. After the coupe hour drive from the Kaweah we arrived at the Middle Tule looking at flows. It was definitely a bit low but still a very cool landscape to see.

We waited till Sunday to try and do the East Fork to allow the warm weekend to give us some more water for the run. The group (myself, JP, LJ Groth, and Jesse Shimrock) were determined to get in there and check it out. Since JP broke his boat on the Middle Kaweah he opted to take the Green Boat down the run. The flow was on the low side but still an incredible run. The last time I ran it was with Taylor Robertson and the Shasta Boyz a few years ago at much higher water. I didn't remember a lot of detail of the run but with super solid group we routed it just fine.

All the early stuff was a playground all the way till Skyhook. We check out the stout and with more water it goes, super rowdy, but it goes. The group didn't feel like ridin' the bull so we took the portage high on the left. I remembered the portage being much worse but this time it seemed mellow for all the goods you get afterwards. After one more portage we started getting into the treats. Here is a photo of Jesse and I blue angleing Double Drop courtesy of JPatt.

This is a fun drop but the best part is that you know your getting closer to Triple Drop. Photo: LJ Groth

After seeing a glimpse of it from the road all of us were amped to huck. After a quick scout, Jesse our fearless East Coaster called dibs to hit it first. He styled it. Launching a fattie boof off the top drop and cleaning the bottom two. Next up was LJ, he drove a little far right on the top drop but till made it happen making it down the other drops upright. JP went third in his massive Green Boat skying off the top drop with plenty of momentum driving him through the bottom two.

Last up after filming the others from the top, I gave her a huck. Got a great boof off the top drop which carried me into good position for then second drop. I got eddied out on the right between the second and third drops but a hard ferry got me back to where I wanted to be. Check out the sequence provided by LJ Groth.

This drop is sooooo sick. The last trip or group portaged because the second drops hole was super gnar gnar at the flow we had it. After Triple drop we took our time enjoying the scenery and busting out the bottom section. After Skyhook all the portaging is pretty mellow compared to many other portages. Towards the bottom JP lead into a drop blind and fully submerged the Green Boat pinning in the top right of the drop. Right when we heard his scream we were all out of our boats with ropes trying to get him out. Eventually he found his pull tab and was able break free from his boat. From there Jesse clipped a bag on his stern and tugged as hard as he could to budge to boat, while LJ and I pulled on the rope from the opposite side of the river. After some serious pulling and jolting we were able to get the boat out unbroken.

Stoked to through that hairy situation we plowed through all the bottom goods and got to the Gateway just in time for happy hour, burgers, and music. A perfect ending to an amazing day of paddling. After saying our goodbyes we loaded up, feeling accomplished by the weekend and stoked to hang with such a cool group of paddlers.

Now I am back in SC studying for midterms and doing all the homework I procrastinated this weekend to go paddling. But was worth it...........are you f**in kidding. Worth every second and now at least I get to think about sick boating while doing my school work. Enjoy the little film. I shot it all with a POV helmet cam, my HD is gettin fix but should be back in a week. Hope everyone is gettin' into the Spring goods and look forward to an epic CALI season.

Notorious B