Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nordheimer Race 09' and Middle McCloud Falls

The first weekend in May (5/1-3) was the notorious Nordheimer Race on the Cal Salmon. Myself and Chiseki McConnaughy rallied the drive from Santa Cruz on thurs night planning to meet our fellow hucker Justin Patt in Mt. Shasta.

We awoke early and decided to get out to the Salmon for a practice lap. When we got out there you could tell it wanted to rain but that is the wonderful thing about kayaking..............were all wet anyway. More people showed up that night for a epic evening of kegs, growlers, and a bunch of inebriated boaters, so yall know what that means.

Race day was taken very slowly preparing for the race start at 1:23pm "exactly". There was great support from the boating community and also from spectators, despite torrential down pour. The race took me just over 45min to go the few miles. One of the longer races this year but a classic none the less.

After the race we meandered back to the site debating whether to stay for the rager or rally to Shasta for a easier trip home. After Justin and Chiseki....... well more Justin were hammered we loaded up the Subi in the rain and prepared for the journey home. We battled snow, LOTS of rain, and suicide rocks that had fallen due to the rainy conditions. It was an exciting drive to say the least, one that JPatt completely missed after passing out a minute into the ride.

We woke up in Shasta the next morning planning to hit the road early when amazing news came. It had puked rain all weekend in the magnificent Mt. Shasta area and swollen all the rivers. Including a waterfall waiting to get checked off the list for me, Middle McCloud Falls. All Photos provided by: Ryan Knight all rights reserved.

I had looked at this falls since I was a kid and wondered if I would ever see it with enough water to give er'. My prayers were answered. Time to huck.......50 footer with 2800 cfs.......heaven. Our crew was Devin Knight, Ryan Knight, Myself (Shon Bollock), Matt Thomas, and Justin Patt, with much appreciated safety set by Chiseki.

Dev gave er first with sick boof, although losing his paddle and swimming he was quick to grab his boat and go for another round.

Although round too was similar, Dev still lovin the Shastown livin'.

Little bother went next, and Ryan Knight had a similar big boof and his skirt exploded off his cockpit at the bottom, but he still managed to paddle his full of water boat to the side.

I didn't get to see JPatt's first line but I heard he stayed in his boat and went a little deep at the bottom. Here is a shot of JPatt's second line. Get some.

I ran it next. Had a sweet line, taking full paddle strokes at the lip and then stompin' er' down into a sweet 45. I love the 530.
Check the sequence...

Fired up after our lines, Matt Thomas gave her a go, launching a monster boof.

Everyone had great lines and we were stoked to see it with this much flow. From there the rest of the Shasta Boyz went to go run Slate and Box, while Chiseki and I made the barge for Santa Cruz. After a weekend of driving over 1000 miles and 19+ hrs. it was nice to settle back into SC livin', while still realizing how much doing all your homework on Mondays sucks but there is nothing else in the world I would have rather been doing.

Here is a little vid of the weekend and a little something to wet your appetite at the end.

Much more to come, focus on the brine.


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chrsk said...

Jesus Matt, that was a big boof.